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Kauai, Hawaii

Meeshu aka The Meeshire Cat aka Gypsy Cat is a happy go luck soul who has been djing for 17 years and been collecting electronic music even longer. Originally from Reading, Pa where he graduated from the Pennsylvania Broadcast Institute, Meeshu started hanging out more and more in Philadelphia and has made a large circle of friends there enough to call it his favorite city. Over the years he has held residencies in PA and made guest spots at various clubs and lounges around the U.S.

Meeshu transplanted to Hawaii for a few years and recently returned to the east coast to enjoy catching up with friends and continue on his gypsy wandering life path.

Achievements of note....Currently broadcasts a downtempo electronica show called Soul Spa every Sunday on and is the longest running show on the station since 2006.

The show is syndicated under iTunes, Windows Media Player and Shoutcast with free podcasts @ and iTunes.


Djed at Lollapalooza 2003 in Camden NJ.
Woodstock Tattoo Festival, Oct. 2004, Woodstock NY.
Performed as half of the live pa electronic jam band, Astrolink.
Performed turntablism and scratching effects on the jazz band Bob Diener and Anamoly's album "Some Assembly Required".
Recorded on the first cd of funk/jazz band Big Beat Tornado.
Part of Berks Jazz Fest 2006 in Reading, PA.
Performed as a project with Grammy award winning Windham Hill Records artist David Cullen.
Performed at Burning Man 2007, 2008, 2009.
Performed at numerous PEX events over the years.
Performed at the Hawaiian Electronic Music Festival 2010, 2011.
More to come in the future, Aloha :)