Lineup :: DJs :: Kanizzle

Washington, DC

Kanizzle’s primary motivation is creating interdimensional wormholes that help the resident beings of of of of any particular space transcend the slowing down of light (matter) for a bit, and come to a place of timelessness where they get to explore and discover little bits of themselves they didn’t realize existed....thus, allowing love to flow freely and make it’s way out to everyone in the surrounding multiverse.  He does this through what some would call ‘bass’ music, although he’s personally never heard of any music genre named after a fish before...let alone a wide-mouthed variety.  Versatility is the name of the game for Kanizzle, reading a crowds ebb and flow and seamlessly playing everything from jungly double-time dubstep riddims, moombahton, drumstep, and tribally-Bmore-club-inspired perfectly timed set surprises like Fine Young Cannibals, Bootsy Collins, and Outkast.  Translated - he drops choice selections of tribal ghetto bass heavy grime that not only alligns your chakras for is known to incite vision quests for even the most learned of masters.  High energy, fun, loose, and funky are good buzzwords for Kanizzle - as his roots are deep in hip hop and funk music.  

Kanizzle co-founded the DC Burning Man community chaos creators, theme camp, pranksters, and event organizers known as Mischief.  He’s also affiliated with the Santa Cruz dj crew/Burning Man theme camp known as Dancetronauts.  He also is co-manager and resident audio shamen of BMIR (Burning Man Information Radio), the official radio station of the Burning Man festival.  He’s released 3 progressive hip hop albums with the DC based Concentrated Efforts crew/label.  He’s currently working on a top secret album with a few legendary DC musicians and producers under the name of Disco Wrecking Ball.  12 years ago he was hired as the first Music Director at XM Satellite Radio, hosting and executive producing the first ever nationwide underground/progressive hip hop show, Subsoniq, on XMU.  He’s shared stages from L.A. to DC and a ton of places in between, above, and below with; KRS-One, Myka 9, DJ Dan, The Pharcyde, MC Zulu, the PEX crew (big ups!), Mr. Jennings, Barney Iller, Searchl1te, Jeekos, and your oh so lovely mother.  He enjoys a primarily vegetarian diet, super hoppy craft beers, and long walks in the woods with his blue-eyed Siberian Husky Otis.  He also owns a cat.  Whatever, cats are gangsta. They’re like sharks, on land. Apex predator….ya heard?