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Philadelphia, PA

Ben Folk and Ryan Seay are graduates of the Curtis Institute of Music
in Center City, Philadelphia where they obtain an impressive education
in classical music and performance. Their musical collaborations first
began on an extensive concert tour across the United States performing
Igor Stravinsky's L'histoire du Soldat, with the prestigious Curtis
On Tour ensemble, consisting of musicians who now occupy positions in
many world-class orchestras. The duo has performed on some of the
world¹s most incredible stages, including Carnegie Hall, Verizon Hall,
the Liszt Academy, Walt Disney Hall, The Academy of Music, the Mondavi
Center, Boettcher Concert Hall, and others. Also, Ecode has earned the
support and acknowledgement of musical geniuses alike ­ From David
Ludwig, who was recently acclaimed as one of the top living composers
by NPR, to DJ's such as Mjollnir and Sy Phonic. Their prestigious
education in classical music and innate ability to produce electric
works of art is the essence of and what is now known as Ecode.

Ecode's music is intended to offer an intense, personal experience to
each listener. It explores the electric and energetic feel of the
dance music world, with crunchy and exciting beats, while offering a
juxtaposition of singing vibrations that provides an experience that
seems to paint a picture unique to every listener.

The duo emphasizes the importance of expression through music and
shows it by producing music of poignant diversity. From monstrous
relaxed liquid tones to supremely intense driving beats, Ecode is here
to take you on a complete musical journey around the world and back
again. Their music is majorly charged by the sounds of electronic
dance music but their classical influence is very evident as well as
their roots in hip-hop, rock, pop, and nearly everything in between.
Ecode is combining rich synthesized sounds, driving beats, singing
trombone melodies, and sounds you may have never heard before to
create a unique sonic palate that you are sure to vibe with. Each
track is infused with live instruments and is produced, engineered,
mix, and mastered by Ecode. Get ready for the harmonious extremity of
musical bliss.