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Philadelphia, PA

HENNESSEY BONFIRE is the heart project of songwriter and percussionist Shawn Hennessey (Leana Song).  The band features both ancient and futurist sounds and instrumentation withDijon (tabla), Nezih Antakli (cajon drumset), Elliot Garland (Electric bass), Gina Ferrera(TrapKatControllerist) and Shawn Hennessey (nylon guitar).  Rooted in African, Mediterranean, Cuban, and Indian grooves, HENNESSEY BONFIRE delivers intimate performances of lush organic music, while keeping songwriting and soulful delivery at the helm.Music composed by Shawn Hennessey (Leana Song, Oud Blues, Gina Ferrera's Gyil Fusion Project, Disco Biscuits) and arranged by HENNESSEY BONFIRE.