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Philadelphia, PA

Sylvia Platypus is Philadelphia’s (and possibly the world’s) only psycho-celtic glam-blues band. Take vocal mannerisms reminiscent of Edith Piaf and John Lee Hooker and combine them with a stage presence that is equal parts James Brown and Judy Garland, and you have some idea of  Janet Bressler's lead-singer style . Add the  soul-searing Waddy Wachtel-meets-Brian May guitar work of  Bill Barone (formerly of the '70's era German symphonic rock band, "Wallenstein") , the heart-stirring musical textures of  award-winning composer  and multi-instrumentalist Charlie Rutan on highland and uilleann pipes, tin whistles, English horn and Neopolitan zampogna, and the take-no-prisoners rhythm section of  Michael Southerton on rhythm guitar, Ruchama
Bilenky on bass, and Rosalba Gallo on drums and you get a six-piece outfit (three men, three women)  that delivers a tough and tender genre-busting impact.

"Burn's Supper at the Avalon Ballroom would sound something like this."
-Patrick Metherne, Celtic Music Magazine

"Sylvia Platypus is a literate, ambitious group of bohemians with a sly sense of humor...  Highlights include Bressler’s smoky voice and elegant hats and the lead guitar of Bill Barone. Charlie Rutan...rock(s) out on the bagpipe and the rarely heard Neapolitan zampogna. Bring your own clove cigarettes."
-Raymond Simon, Philadelphia Weekly