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Artwork Entry Form - June 1st deadline

Want to bring art?   Bring it!

Art is desired in every dimension! Bring your ideas, innovations, unique visions and creativity and help us to explore the depths of who we really are! We are inviting artists, performers, sculptors, musicians, dancers, builders, and creative people of all types!  Any personal and non-risk art pieces are welcome at the event.  We are currently accepting submissions for large scale and high-risk art. If you are not sure if you fit this category, ask!

The artists, innovators and idea manifestors are the backbone of the magic within our community. This event is a co-creative process. It is with your help, heart and honor that we will have all of the essential ingredients to our conglomerate masterpiece. We are thrilled to extend our land, energy and experience to the common thread of positive-minded creators who will participate in all styles. This means YOU! Yes, YOU!

For large scale art or art with flame effects, fill out the  Artwork Entry FormArtwork Entry deadline is June 1st.

Please note that the Artwork Entry Form is NOT for Art Grant Applications. If you would like to apply for a PEX Summer Festival Art Grant, please complete the Art Grants Application by May 1st.

Our art placement team will work with you to place your art and help with any logistical situations. Questions? Email

We will also list your artwork in the PEX Summer Festival's "That's What's Up!" Guide.

This form is not required for you to bring your art unless it is large scale art or art with flame effects. 

June 1st is the Deadline for all guide submissions.

Remember that what YOU do helps to create what this year IS!

Pre-event planning:

  • Design projects and costumes so they minimize the use of materials that might turn into micro-trash.
  • Avoid small loose elements like confetti, feathers, etc.
  • Avoid materials that shed or break into pieces, like Astroturf and glass.
  • Plan your construction so you avoid making waste, like cutouts from cardboard, glue drips, leftover wood, sawdust, loose staples or bent nails.
  • Where these materials are unavoidable, take steps to minimize impact, like strengthening fibers with glue, or laminating glass, or enclosing their use area so pieces can’t escape.